What Forms Does The Acai Berry Come In and Which Is The Best?

The Acai Berry has taken the world by storm in recent years. Believed to increase energy, assist in weight loss and even help prevent cancer, it is undeniable that the berry is deserving of its ‘Superfood’ status. But in places so far from its native home of the Amazon jungle, the Acai berry in its natural form is largely unavailable. So what forms can we buy the Acai Berry in, and which is the best option?

The most common, and popular way in which the Acai Berry can be found on our shores is in powdered form. Good quality Acai Berry powder should be made entirely from freeze-dried Acai Berries, ensuring that the powder retains most of the berries nutrients.

The powder is usually consumed by mixing it into a drink, but is also suitable for mixing in food or as an ingredient in cooking.

On the downside however, it is very difficult to know what you are getting when you buy the berry in powdered form, and there are many dodgy retailers willing to sell you products that may have never even come into contact with an Acai Berry, and could actually be dangerous to your health. To avoid this, ensure that you do your research and buy from a trusted retailer. Also make sure to only buy products that state they are ‘100% free-dried Acai Berries’.

Another popular way to consume the Acai Berry is in a juice. Unlike other forms, Acai Berry juice is less commonly found for sale online and is ideally bought in specialist health food shops or even health clubs. The juice is a very tasty way to get your quota of Acai Berries, but due to the cost of the berries, pure juice is difficult to come by. Nearly all Acai Berry juices will be a mix of the berry with a number of other fruit juices. While this isn’t a problem, and may actually make for a far tastier juice, you should check the packet carefully for the actual Acai Berry content, to ensure you are not being ripped off.

Acai Berries are also available in tablet form. While there are many reputable companies selling the berry in tablet form, as with the powder, this is a very easy way to pass off other substances as the real thing. You may need to be even more careful if purchasing the berry in this form because unlike the powder, where taste can be a giveaway to the actual content, swallowing a pill offers no answers to what you are putting in your body.

The pills are however, very easy and convenient way to enjoy the Acai Berry benefits. If you want to take a daily dose of Acai Berry but find it difficult to find the time or inclination to mix a drink or cook a powder into food, then Acai Berry tablets might be the perfect solution.

The final and ideal way in which to consume Acai Berries is in their pure form. Of course, as has been mentioned, this is nearly impossible in colder climates so far from the places where the berry thrives. So if you should ever find yourself in or around the Amazon, make sure to try the berry in its purest form, as this is surely the best way to reap the Acai Berry benefits.

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