Prolong and Preserve Life of Food with Drying

The oldest method of prolonging and preserving food is drying. Sun drying was an easy way to prolong the life of food.

In different climates, the food dried differently because complete sun drying is dependent on weather conditions. Drying eliminates moisture from the food resulting in a longer food life.

Organisms that make food spoil require moisture to survive, so foods that have been completely dried have the longest life.

The most common methods used today are:

  • dehydrator
  • oven ~ kitchen oven will do
  • solar ~ requires 3 to 5 consecutive days of 95 degrees or above & low humidity; this climate is in limited areas in US

Dried fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and carbohydrates and low in fat. However, dried foods are calorie dense, about half equals that of fresh.

Prolong and preserve to avoid waste. FYI: Heat destroys Vitamin C.

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