Leeks and Scallions (Green Onions) Health Benefits Sources of Vitamin A, C, Quercetin and Allium

Leeks and scallions, or green onions, look similar to each other, with their bulbous looking ends and long leaves.

The major health benefits of “a cup of leek” is that it delivers up 30% of your daily Vitamin A requirement, one tenth of your iron, only accounts for 50 calories, with a couple protein grams thrown in. And all of this in the absence of any fat.

Leeks, looking like a bigger version of a scallion, is a relative to garlic and onion, yet a bit sweeter. Peek season is fall to early spring, but usually is available year round.

Select the smaller to medium sized bulbs to ensure tenderness, picking the ones with green, crisp and fresh-looking tops. They can remain in your frig, unwashed and in a loosely held plastic bag, for about a week.

When preparing your leeks for consumption, cut them lengthwise, spread the leaves and wash, as a way of removing the very common “in between layer” dirt.

Leeks make for an excellent side dish or appetizer. Also, a enlivening source of flavoring to your:

  • soups
  • stew
  • salads
  • quiches

Leeks cook quickly, so be careful. Or you’ll end up with soft and slimy rather than crisp and delicious.

Scallions, or green onions, are very immature onions, harvested before the bulb has a chance to be a grown-up.

These mild green onion flavored morsels serve your body’s good health by yielding in every cup less than 50 calories, almost a third of its daily needs of Vitamin C, along with 20% of Vitamin A, a couple grams of protein and no, zero, nada fat.

Generally, the more slender the bulb bottom, the sweeter the taste. Unfortunately, scallions wilt relatively quickly, so they are best used right away.

However, if you refrigerate them within a tightly closed bag or container, you may get more mileage. Possibly up to a week, much depending on how fresh they were at purchase.

Rinse your green onions thoroughly, dirt likes to lodged between their leaves. Chopping or slicing the whole scallion and popping them into any meal dish adds wonderful mildly fresh onion flavor.

Leeks and scallions are in the allium family of dietary vegetables. This family contains the phytochemicals allicin and quercetin. There is some scientific indications that, alone or in combination, these phytochemicals may benefit your health, by helping:

Why wait for the evidence on all of this to fully emerge. There is plenty of otherwise healthy benefits to include them in your diet!

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