How to Teach Kids About Portion Control

You can teach kids what portion control is and make it fun including math and visual aids showing the different portions of food that are equal in caloric intake but different in quantity. Portion control is the key to healthy living and weight management. Appropriate portions will vary based on the food of choice. Children that learn portion control at an early age are likely to make good choices when adults.

If your children are over the target weight for their age group portioning should be about eating balanced meals while being free to eat a couple cookies. Portioning is often stressed in adult diets but should be stressed in children too. Parents who teach kids about portion control should start early. The eating habits of younger children are easier to moderate than adolescents.

Encourage easy serving with snack sized portions distributed in zip lock bags. Show children the different effects of various foods. Teach them that some foods will keep them satisfied much longer than other foods. Teach children about mini meals and that eating smaller portions is often a better option.

A serving is a specified amount set by the government. Portion is the amount that we choose to eat; you are largely responsible for your child’s portion control. For children this can start with what parents place on their child’s plates. When children feel pressured to clean their plate they often eat more than they want. Package leftovers in a single serving size and keep seconds away from the dinner table.

Some other tips that can help you teach kids about portion control include using a food diary. However you approach it should be fun and examples are best made using visual aids if possible. The way you approach portion control will depend largely on your child’s activity and current weight. It is recommended that you not allow your child to eat from an open bag or container. Doing so usually results in overeating.

Children often eat anything on a whim when hungry. While it isn’t necessary to chain the refrigerator or lock the cabinets, you can make some simple changes that will help your child and others in your home as well. Feel good about taking the time to teach kids about portion control know that you have made a difference in the way your child eats and thinks about food.

C. Jones writes for the nutrition certification blog to help people gather free information to become a nutritionist.

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