Health Benefits of Chocolate Epicatechin

Have you heard that chocolate has some health benefits? Yeah, that food stuff that’s been highly recommended not to be a part of your daily diet. Well, here’s chocolate epicatechin┬áblurb on this flavonol’s heart healthy benefits.

Choclate contains epicatechin. Epicatechin causes your blood vessels to dilate by regulating nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a molecule secreted by your blood vessel endothelium that induces surrounding muscle to relax. Result is chocolate causes vascular dilation.

So why is that important? It’s important because dilated blood vessels lowers blood pressure. So, when nitric oxide isn’t bio-active enough, chocolate’s epicatechin can get it mobilized.

But the benefits don’t end there. Epicatechin may play a role in combating cancer, oxidation, inflammation, allergies, thrombosis and viruses. Also, chocolate eipecatechinis is believed to improve the immune response, insulin resistance and glucose tolerance.

For some, eating chocolate can lower cholesterol level and protect against stroke damage. And chocolate is shaping up to be benificial for cirrhosis and depression as well.

Yet, chocolate does to pack an unhealthy punch when it comes to calories, fat and lack of nutrients. Perhaps you can let a little go a long way. And dark chocolate is all rave because it contains more epicatechin.

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