Diet and Weight Loss Resolution All Year

Have you made that resolution to clean up your diet act and shed some extra weight? Well, making a resolution is just the first step toward getting your diet in order.

Before you commence on another failed attempt to eat right and keep your weight down, you may want to consider the nature of your resolution.┬áResolution is a steadfast or unwavering commitment to something. A commitment to lose weight has an ending. Adjusting your diet in the direction of healthier doesn’t.

Diet adjustment is an ongoing process that has opportunities to set short term goals, time to experience, achieve and then move on. Our brain abhors boredom and embraces challenge.

Challenge is in the form of goal, live and achieve. Followed by the same, the goal changes the pattern doesn’t.

Using salt reduction as a short term goal example to start. Your taste buds need time to adjust and you need time for habit development. This first goal gets you focused on added salt creating a short term achievable goal. Mission accomplished. Now move on to the next leg of the resolution. Perhaps eating a salad 3 nights a week.

On and on it goes adjusting your dietary manner of living via small challenges.

Somewhere in your future your diet transitions to relatively healthy in comparison. Your pattern of behavior becomes goal, live and achieve. Your diet remains in a constant state of flux in an overall healthy way.

Make your resolution to adjust your diet in a healthier manner an all year, all the time and dynamic series of achievements and you may look back without realizing you have had long term success. No boredom and the pleasure principle arises from the challenge and achievement rather than the food itself.

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