Diabetes Diet, Diabetic Diet, Diet for Diabetes, Diabetics Food Basics

If you have diabetes, then your existence is all about controlling your blood glucose (sugar). Non diabetics don’t give a thought to their blood sugar because their body’s take care of this issue all by itself. This is not your case.

As a diabetic, your diet (what you eat regularly) is a major component to staying healthy. Adhering to a diet not conducive to maintaining blood sugar levels results in drastic blood sugar fluctuations, which in turn leads to diabetes complications.

So what are diabetic foods and diabetes diet? A healthy diabetic diet consists of making wise carbohydrate food choices, consuming them regularly, often and in small amounts. The three large meals per day gig is not an advisable diet program for diabetes.

Whether on insulin or not, your goal is to keep you blood sugar level above 70 and below 180. That’s it.

Some basics for a healthy diabetic diet include:

  • eat often
  • physical activity
  • reduce fat intake
  • limit sweets/alcohol
  • take your insulin as directed
  • consume whole grain starches
  • eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  • carefully monitor how many carbohydrates you consume

And regularly monitor your blood glucose levels before and 2 hours after you eat. Each time notice how you feel so that you can make individual adjustments to your diabetic diet as needed.

In the world of diabetes, there is not a one diet fits all. You will have to become your body’s research scientist. Discovering what works and what doesn’t. Then adjust accordingly.

It is what it is, so take on your dietary role with diabetes vigor. The consequences if you don’t are not good.

There is some research support that consuming a low fat vegetarian type diet improves your body’s insulin response. And that is a good thing for a diabetic.

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