Control Chain Reaction Cues for Healthy Diet and Weight Loss

Do you know your social or environmental cues that cause your chain reaction into an unhealthy diet realm? If you don’t know, you are paying a very high price for this admission.

Cues are the leads you follow which inevitably end in undesired eating. A repetitive consumption of this diet take you to the highly populated overweight-ville or the vast and far reaching disease land of opportunity. Neither of which are worth it.

You can avoid your cued eating chain reactions by identifying that which has you end up there and then stop doing it. This self-monitoring method is your freest way out.

Take a third person’s view during those times you are over consuming or consuming “junk” food. Track back to what was going in moments beforehand. Whatever you were doing is your out of control cues that need adjustment.

If you your third party observer self catches you eating a bag of chips while watching T.V., your cue control is to stop watching T.V.

Think this cue chain reaction control solution is too easy and thus can’t possibly work. Oh it works, but it ain’t easy!

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