Calorie Science and Counting Calories: Understanding Weight Loss Programs

Any weight loss program that you follow must follow certain calorie reduction facts. One of the most important fact that generally governs all weight loss programs is the calorie balance in your body. Any successful diet or exercise regime meant to reduce body fat must take into account the calories lost if it is going to be a success.

One of the prime fat loss fallacies is the traditional low carbohydrate diet that eschews the scientific notion of calorie balance in the body and insists that a low carb diet can facilitate weight loss through a high metabolic process. However, we know now that whether it is high or low carbs, all carbs sources will translate into calories for use in the body. Calorie science tells us that it is the amount of calorie that is important, not the source of the calories. So if you decide to eat a specific amount of low carbs, whether it is the optimal weight of low carb or even less based on the traditional low carb diet, calorie science tells us that what you would gain is fat not otherwise.

To illustrate this point, if you used up about 2000 calories during your exercise regime but consume 3000 calories of low carbohydrates, then you would still get so fat that you would eventually give up your exercise routine. However if you do just the opposite, eating 2000 calories of high carbs items and expensing 3000 calories during exercise, you will see continuous weight loss. All calories are taken into consideration in your daily diet whether it comes from protein, fats or low carbs. Even if you abstain from carbs, you will still get the calorie count from protein and fats.

Basically it is more difficult for a person to get calories from proteins than it would from sugar, fats or carbs. In particular, fats contain three times as much calorie than proteins and can easily explode your daily calorie count if you are not careful. The most effective strategy to lose fat is watch the intake of calories daily and tries to expense more calories than what you have ingested on a daily basis. Calories can be burnt out of the body most effectively by physical exercise. The minimal fat intake and proteins should be combined with an acceptable level of carbs in your daily diet. Just watch your daily calorie count from all these sources and make sure that your exercise regime can burnt calories high than what you have eaten for the day.

Many women nowadays choose to starve themselves as the way to lose weight. This is never effective because the calories from the existing fats will still be there. The only way to lose it is to burn it out of the body by exercising. It is better to retain a suitable diet with the guidance of calorie science and continue with a healthy exercise regime. Doing this will guarantee that the extra calories are burnt and you would see weight loss immediately.

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