8 Cancer Fighting Superfoods You Must Eat Now!

Cancer research is constantly discovering good news in the fight to eradicate the deadly effects of the disease. Eating right, always good, can be effective in the cancer fight as well.

When it comes to doing what is best for our bodies and health, we sometimes forget that eating a well balanced diet and getting plenty of rest and exercise goes a long way. But when diagnosed with cancer, we suddenly understand just how important it is to do more than just take care of ourselves.

Though a single, simple cure-all for the cancers which afflict us has yet to be produced in pill format, there are some leading researchers who insist we can combat the disease and do everything possible to prevent contracting it to begin with.

How? One of the most interesting ways to date is the concept of consuming what scientists and believers have begun to refer to as “superfoods“. No, not what’s served up to Clark Kent or Batman, but phytonutrient rich natural food stuffs that combine a number of chemical nutrients which help the body fight off the ill effects of cancer.

The best part of this prescription is you probably already have many of the following 8 foods in your kitchen. If you don’t, your favorite local grocer or farmers market will have them.

  1. Tomatoes are stock full of lycopene, an antioxidant. Plus they are overflowing with vitamins A, C, and E all of which have been shown to have positive effects on the fight against cancer.
  2. Watermelon will also provide you with lycopene as well as a large chunk of your daily vitamin C requirements. Plus, it just tastes really good on a warm, humid day.
  3. Cabbage, one of the cruciferous vegetables has plenty of fiber and vitamin C, plus studies suggest it reduces the risk of colon and rectal cancer.
  4. Carrots will add more fiber and beta carotene to your diet. While they may or may improve your eyesight, they are definitely going to help you ward off the cancers waiting to attack you.
  5. Various natural beans are both high in fiber and are an excellent source of protein. Combine beans with a whole wheat pasta and this super dish is going to not only fight for your health, but taste good doing it.
  6. Sunflower seeds are more than a treat while playing baseball. They contain naturally occurring selenium which just doesn’t like sharing your body with cancer causing cells.
  7. Red bell peppers, about a cup, will only add a whopping 25 calories to your diet. But this superfood is teaming with lycopene, vitamin C, and a bunch of beta carotene as well.
  8. Berries should not be left off your shopping list. Low in calories, strawberries and blueberries are both high in vitamin C, fiber, oh, and taste. Who doesn’t like fresh berries on top of their whole grain cereal in the morning?

Cancer is a serious illness that while not cured and eradicated from our lives at present, can be dealt with. Besides consuming these and many other superfoods for their cancer fighting properties, they are just plain good for the human body. If you feel better in life because of the foods you are eating, you’re more likely to have a better outlook.

Eating healthy will lead to making other healthy choices like sustained exercise, spending time with other happy people you care about, etc. Studies also show that happier people tend to get sick at far reduced rates from those less so.

Why not take the time to stock up on superfoods in your house, get happy, keep cancer away from you, and live a long, long life?

Author Bio: Vern Marker is a freelance writer who is passionate about health, nutrition and fitness. Interestingly enough, he works for a dentist, and in his free time likes to research natural health topics.

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