5 Amazing Ingredients With Proven Cancer Fighting Properties That You Need to Take Daily

When it comes to your health, cancer is one of the biggest killers you’ll find. It affects one in every three people and that number is rising on a daily basis. The good news is that you can do something about it and start taking control of your own health.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to be immune from sickness and never have even so much as a sniffle, it probably has something to do with their nutrition habits and, more often than not, nutritional supplements
that give the body exactly what it needs to prevent diseases like cancer.

To save you the effort of researching a dozen different ingredients to find out how you can lower your risk of cancer, I’ve gone ahead and compiled the top five ingredients you’ll need to take, and why, if you want to kick
cancer’s ass!

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids. You’ve probably heard of fish oils before so it’s no wonder they are number one on my list. It is the second best selling supplement in America after multivitamins and a number of big studies have shown it is very effective in the prevention of cancer. On such study of over 35,000 women showed that regular doses of omega 3 fatty acids reduced the incidence of cancer by almost 32% of all patients. Pretty incredible stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree
  2. Green tea. Whether you drink it, take it as part of your daily multivitamin or combine the two together as I do, experts are in no doubt that green tea is very beneficial to your health. The powerful antioxidant properties and the EGCG in green tea has been shown to inhibit cancer growth in early stage studies. In fact, one study actually noted an 18% less risk of lung cancer in subjects taking two cups of green tea a day. It also doesn’t hurt that it tastes amazing with honey!
  3. Ginger. The humble ginger root has been used in herbal medication throughout the Chinese dynasty for over 2500 years so they must have a reason for it, right? Well ginger, much like green tea, has really strong antioxidant properties that scavenge for free radical cells in your body that would otherwise cause harm. It is this process that experts believe is the reason why it can inhibit cancerous cells and kill a number
    of bacteria in your body too.
  4. CoQ10 (otherwise know as Coenzyme Q10). CoQ10 is a compound found naturally in the body that is often not in high enough doses. It plays a critical role in the mitochondria that burns or oxidized the food you take. What scientists have found is that when combined with chemotherapy, CoQ10 makes the drugs more effective by reducing toxins in the body that would otherwise slow the killing of cancerous cells by the chemo. Also, very early studies in rats show that CoQ10 could possibly reduce the growth of cancer by over 50% without the need for any kind of chemotherapy. In short, you need to be taking CoQ10 daily!
  5. Lutein. Another cancer fighting ingredient, and once again it’s a powerful antioxidant. Are you starting to see a pattern? Well, the amino acid lutein, well known for its benefits towards the reduction of eye diseases like cataracts, has now also been linked to cancer fighting goodness. In particular, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently found that it lowered colon cancer, the second biggest cancer killer in the United States, by 17%. When you add in the health improvement of your eyes, you can see that we’ve only just scratched the surface of lutein’s potential as a super ingredient.

Of course, now the question remains: how do you get all of these ingredients in the right amounts each day without breaking the bank.

The answer is nutritional supplements. By researching and choosing a high quality supplement, you can experience all of the amazing cancer fighting benefits of these ingredients and more.

One tip that I will leave you with is that when looking for a supplement, check their quality control department. There are very low standards for health supplements and anything you buy in Walmart is not going to be as good for you as specialized ingredients from quality sources.

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